Help the Environment

Help the Environment

The great thing about saving the planet is that you don't have to be Superman. Everyone can do their bit. Buying less is part of it, as is making better use of what we already have.

Tips for Making Things

As a child I was constantly amazed at the range of ingenious things the Blue Peter presenters could make with a washing up bottle, a loo roll and some sticky back plastic. It may have been uncool and the outcome was invariably unsightly, but it was fun and a great demonstration of how to reuse rubbish. This interest has never left me. I still find it much more satisfying to make rather than buy, so I have assembled a selection of ideas for making handy things like a scarecrow, a bird box and hammocks that can be made from new or old materials.

These projects can mostley be completed in an afternoon and have lots of scope for reusing things destined for landfill. If you do not have enough junk of your own, you can always visit the local recylcing centre where there is plenty to chose from.  And any children you can find will love helping

    • Clay Oven
    • Clay Oven
    • Clay, sand and bricks is all you need....
    • Compost Bin
    • Compost Bin
    • In six months you'll have compost good enough to eat....

Other Ways to Help the Environment

  • Resist the temptation to over tidy your garden. Rotting logs, ivy, nettles and dead heads (alliums, sunflowers, cardoons) are an important source of food and shelter for insects and birds. Leave them in your garden for as long as possible (and ignore tutting neighbours).
  • If you have to fly somewhere, offset your carbon emissions at What we like about Climate Care is the breadth of sustainable energy and reforestation projects which they fund. You can also offset your car and house if you want to go the whole hog.
  • Ebay is a great way to offload stuff you do not want but others do. If you have less valuable things you want to get rid of that you think no one will pay for, then try It is the same principle as Ebay, but everything is free. You will be amazed how grateful people are to take away your worthless junk.
  • Any time you buy wood or wooden products, look out for the FSC logo.The FSC Logo identifies products which contain wood from well managed forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Four coloured vegetables
  • Colourful heritage seeds
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