Crushing apples with the family apple pressFreshly pressed apple juice.

Apple juicing

It’s that time of year again when surveying your abundant fruit trees you think to yourself “How in Cox’s name am I going to use up all those apples”?


This year why not try apple juicing? It’s fun for the whole family, friends, and neighbours.


First you need an apple press, (luckily for you we just happen to have one in stock). A nice idea, to get more people involved, is to share the cost of the apple presser and turn it into a communal activity.


Once you have the press you need to decide on what type of juice to make. Apples like the Falstaff, Ashmeads Kernal, James Grieve, Newton Wonder, Cornish Gilliflower, Severn Bank and Discovery make for tasty single flavoured juices. The key to producing a really tasty juice is to choose fruit with a good balance of sugar, acidity and flavour.


For something different try adding berries, black or redcurrants, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or blueberries. Pears also make a nice to addition to the apple juice but try using an acidic apple like the Bramley which makes for a tastier juice. Beetroot and apple juice is also an option and makes a very healthy juice.


Now that you have chosen your fruit it’s time to crush! Follow this link for a helpful apple juicing how to video.


• Remember to wash all your fruit thoroughly.
• The apples are best quartered before being added to the crusher, but small apples can be added whole.
• Add half a teaspoon of vitamin C to each litre of juice to help it last.
• If you're not going to drink the juice for a couple of days it is best frozen and then thawed as and when you need it.
• Or you can pasteurise the juice by placing the bottles into a water bath and heated until the contents reach 70ºC, keep at this tempreture for a further 20 minutes, before removing, screwing the lids down firmly and leaving to cool.
• Don’t forget to add the crushed apple to your compost heap (that's unless you keep pigs, as pigs love crushed apples).


If you haven't any apple trees in your garden yet then the easiest way to grow them would be to source some from a nursery as with apple seeds you are never quite sure what type of apple you are going to get.



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