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Delivery / Returns Policy

Delivery & Returns

We send most orders out within 24 hours, so you should receive yours in 3-5 days. If you need it urgently please select the Next Working Day or phone 01844 217060.

You can return your order to us within 30 days for a full refund.

Meet the Producers

  • Alex Pole

    Alex Pole

    Designer and producer of contemporary iron work

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  • Alison Milner

    Alison Milner

    2D on 3D designer based in West Sussex

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  • Amazonas Hammocks

    Amazonas Hammocks

    Child hammocks, adult hammocks, handmade in Brazil

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  • Annette van Ryhsen

    Annette van Ryhsen

    Designer of hand painted abstract deckchair fabric.

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  • Artesania Sorata

    Artesania Sorata

    Fair trade knitted alpaca from Bolivia

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  • Asta Barrington

    Asta Barrington

    British design with a Scandinavian touch

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  • Botton Village

    Botton Village

    Producer of hand-dipped tapered beeswax candles

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  • Catherine Verpoort

    Catherine Verpoort

    German designer, with a background in fashion and textiles.

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  • Charlie Groves

    Charlie Groves

    Traditional garden trug maker living and working in Sussex

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  • Creamore Mill

    Creamore Mill

    A family run design and wood-turning workshop

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  • Dan Dicker

    Dan Dicker

    Beautiful, functional, environmental design

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  • De La Selva

    De La Selva

    Guatemalan gifts handmade at home

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  • Debs White

    Debs White

    Organic gardening with tea bags

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  • Erwan Péron

    Erwan Péron

    Innovative French designer based in Brittany

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  • Gavin Christman

    Gavin Christman

    Innovative eco-designers based in Cornwall

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  • Gernot Redecker

    Gernot Redecker

    Brush and broom maker in northern Germany

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  • Graeme Rudd

    Graeme Rudd

    Traditional ash hay rakes handmade in Cumbria

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  • Grange Village

    Grange Village

    Handmaking fruit pickers to build self confidence.

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  • Hanako Clulow

    Hanako Clulow

    Japanese illustrator inspired by the bento box

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  • Hanna Francis-Laikola

    Hanna Francis-Laikola

    Unique British designer with a Scandinavian twist

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  • Hathay Bunano

    Hathay Bunano

    Fairly paid, high quality employment for women in rural Bangladesh

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  • Henri and Françoise Quinta

    Henri and Françoise Quinta

    Traditional maker of deckchair fabric in south west France

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  • Holzschnefler


    Makers of fireside bellows in the Black Forest

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  • Iris Hantverk

    Iris Hantverk

    Beautiful brushes handmade by people with visual impairments.

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  • John Parslow

    John Parslow

    Local beekeeper and beeswax candle maker

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  • Jurianne Matter

    Jurianne Matter

    Dutch paper designer inspired by folklore

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  • Ken James

    Ken James

    Enthusiastic carpenter with a passion for parrots

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  • Khohn Taka

    Khohn Taka

    Recycled plastic baskets made in Thailand

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  • Kim Jenkins

    Kim Jenkins

    Printmaker who recyles London's rubbish

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  • Kunye


    The makers of handmade recycled plastic hens

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  • Lewis Power

    Lewis Power

    Young designer with an inspired idea for a Christmas decoration

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  • Made Green

    Made Green

    Project in Sri Lanka to help working mothers

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  • Maison Bengal

    Maison Bengal

    Fairtrade baskets from Bangladesh

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  • Mark Cottrell

    Mark Cottrell

    Birch besom maker for generations

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  • Michael Charlton

    Michael Charlton

    Improving design for everyday products

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  • Nelayan


    Making wooden letters from fishing boats

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  • Nether Wallop Trading

    Nether Wallop Trading

    Unique wooden gifts for the garden and home

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  • Nutscene


    Environmentally friendly gifts for gardeners

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  • Pachacuti


    Fair trade panama hats from Ecuador

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  • Pathway Workshop

    Pathway Workshop

    Handmade garden gifts from recycled wood

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  • Paul Stanton

    Paul Stanton

    Artisan maker of rusted metal peony support rings

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  • Paul Thomas

    Paul Thomas

    Truffle tree pioneer based in Sheffield

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  • Richard Mansfield Clark

    Richard Mansfield Clark

    Richard first started growing mushrooms as a hobby......

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  • Richard McAdam

    Richard McAdam

    Animaux illustrator and print maker

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  • Sign It!

    Sign It!

    Making peg bags from old coffee sacks

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  • Steve Davies

    Steve Davies

    A true artisan who can turn his hand to anything

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  • Tade Pays de Levant

    Tade Pays de Levant

    Ecologically conscious design from the Levant

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  • Thomas Etty Esq

    Thomas Etty Esq

    Heritage seed enthusiast based in Somerset

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  • Tom Dixon

    Tom Dixon

    Global designer of furniture and lighting

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  • Wildlife World

    Wildlife World

    Environmentally friendly wildlife gifts

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  • Wola Nani

    Wola Nani

    Extraordinary courage, extraordinary products

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  • Wolfgang and Christoph

    Wolfgang and Christoph

    Makers of high quality wooden sledges

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