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Standard Delivery is 3-5 days.

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Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter

As a little girl Jurianne was already sure that she wanted to become an Inventor of Beautiful Things. She was forever decorating, drawing, constructing machines, cutting paper and making music all day long. Her creativity was nurtured at one of the first Waldorf Schools in Holland, where nature, art and spirituality are important values.

After dabbling with several careers, Jurianne came 'home' in 1991 as one of the first students of the Interior Styling School at Artemis Academy in Amsterdam. Different jobs followed including a stint as a stylist at IKEA Amsterdam and then in 2004 something horrible happened that caused Jurianne to rethink. A dear friend and her mother died in the tsunami in December 2004.

Sometime later, jurianne wanted to DO something, make a ritual that made her let go of the horror of the tsunami and just keep the beautiful memories of her friends lives. Jurianne's sons had the bright idea to make paper boats. They wrote down the beautiful memories on them and their names, but also the dreadful things about their death, then they let them go on the beautiful, clear little river near their house. The sun was shining, and there they went, the little wishboats that were to become the starting point for Jurianne's business.

Since then Jurianne has designed paper angels, paper lanterns and paper flowers. Her main sources of inspiration are her childhood, almost forgotten folkloric traditions and rituals, nature, fabric and paper design. She has a preference for northern European design, colours and shapes and is deeply rooted in northern European culture. Her inspiration also comes from artists like Anish Kapoor, James Turrell, Johan Sebastian Bach and the 14th century artist Giotto.

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