Gavin Christman

Gavin Christman

Innovative eco-designers

Design duo Kate Knapp and Gavin Christman met whilst working at Dyson. Their award winning products include the bird balll and the more recent bird ball feeder, an innovative squirrel resistant peanut feeder.

They now work in a multi-disciplined design consultancy working in product, graphic, exhibition and interior design.

Their award winning products have been exhibited throughout the UK and are sold in design outlets around the world. Their products regularly feature in interior and design publications.

Kate and Gavin have worked as designers in London, New York, Paris and Japan.

Kate and Gavin both lecture at the University College Falmouth.

Their birdball has proved to be phenomenally successful. Easy to hang and popular with birds. The fatball bird feeder is also proving to be very popular gift for bird lovers.

Some of Gavin Christman's products   

    • Cork handlebar grips
    • Cork handlebar grips
    • Natural, durable bicycle handles
    • £20.00
    • Bee brick
    • Bee brick
    • Concrete block for mason bees
    • £12.00
  • Four coloured vegetables
  • Colourful heritage seeds
  • £8.00
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