Vintage wooden crates salvaged from apple orchards in France.

These vintage crates are handy for storing fruit, vegetables, records, CDs, children’s toys and just about anything else you can think of that would look good in authentic rustic crates. An old wooden crate has real character so can also be a useful prop for industrial, agricultural or urban themed events and shop windows. They are also popular lined and used outside as planters or for storing garden tools in a shed.

The crates typically have old printing on them, but not always. Please add a note at the checkout if you have a preference. If you are looking to buy crates that are cleaner, stronger and newer, then our wooden storage boxes are another option worth considering.

Typically 55 x 37 x 30cm, but dimensions can vary slightly as they are all genuine used fruit bushel boxes.

To see examples of how these crates can be used, please see our vintage crate gallery.

1 crate £18
3 crates £50

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Vintage crates

Old wooden apple crates

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  • Four coloured vegetables
  • Colourful heritage seeds
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