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Make Your Own Biscuit Tin Barbeque

Nothing completes a picnic better than a few freshly barbequed sausages. And there really is no need to buy one of those disposable things littering garage forecourts.

When we were children my father had the ingenious idea of making a barbeque out of a biscuit tin much like the disposable barbeques of today. He would fill the tin with twice as much charcoal as was needed and tip out half onto the lid beforehand. That way each tin had enough for two barbeques. We would never go camping without it.

Chicken wire works well because it is not too thick to prevent the food from cooking and the holes are not so large that food falls through. The wire should be about twice the size of the tin and that way you can curl the edges to prevent sausages rolling off and have space for keeping cooked food warm. If this is too flimsy for you and you want something more sturdy, you could try our wonderful portable firebowl. This includes a grill rack.

Natural firelighters are a great way to light a barbeque. Rather than the smell of lighter fuel which disposable barbeques are impregnated with, your barbeque will have a wonderful aroma that will transport you to the Ocote forests of Guatemala.

The tin will of course get very hot, so if you are on grass it’s a good idea to put the barbeque on something so that you won’t be left with an ugly scar. A few stones or sticks will do the trick.

At the end of the barbeque when the coals have burnt down you can put the chicken wire back in the tin, add the lid and take it home to refill for the next time. If it is still hot then add half a glass of water. Don’t put the lid on until it has cooled down!