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Delivery / Returns Policy

Delivery & Returns

Standard Delivery is 3-5 days.

The cutoff time for Next Working Day orders is 12pm Monday to Thursday.

Please note, next day delivery is only available to addresses in Mainland England and Wales.  Addresses in Scotland will take an additional 24 hours and next day delivery to Northern Ireland may incur a surcharge

Choosing the Right Hat Size

The simplest way to work out your hat size is to measure the circumference of your head at the widest part, usually just above the ears. Most sun hats sold in the UK are sized in centimeters. Some however will still come in the imperial sizing and you should be aware that for some strange historical reason, US imperial hat sizes are ¼” smaller than UK imperial sizes.

A small sun hat would typically be size 58cm for a man and a size 54cm for a woman. A large sun hat would typically be a size 60cm for a man and size 58cm for a woman.

Over time a hat may shrink very slightly so it is better for it to start off too big than too small. That being said the change should only be slight and it is possible to stretch hats if they shrink.

The best sun hats for comfort are handmade in Ecuador and are known as panama straw hats. The panama name comes from the building of the panama canal rather than Panama the country. These hats are made of Paja Toquilla straw and can be crocheted or woven. The crocheted hats are more informal and slightly heavier, but both can be worn all day without any discomfort. If you want to buy a panama hat always make sure it is made entirely in Ecuador, not woven in Ecuador and finished in China.