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Delivery / Returns Policy

Delivery & Returns

Standard Delivery is 3-5 days.

The cutoff time for Next Working Day orders is 12pm Monday to Thursday.

Please note, next day delivery is only available to addresses in Mainland England and Wales.  Addresses in Scotland will take an additional 24 hours and next day delivery to Northern Ireland may incur a surcharge

Deck Chair Safety

striped deckchairs

Deckchairs are not unsafe. They have been around for more than 100 years with few reported incidents. But to avoid getting caught it is worth following a few basic deck chair safety tips:

  • The deckchair frame has a scissor action which makes it very painful if you happen to have your finger in it as it collapses. At no stage should you put your fingers into the deck chair frame.
  • Never adjust the height of the deck chair when someone is sitting in it. If you want to change the height get out of the chair first and adjust if from the back.
  • Avoid placing your deck chair on a surface which is likely to tip you out of the chair, like the edge of a terrace or a soggy lawn. It might get a laugh, but it will not help the deck chair and could trap your fingers.
  • Regularly check the deck chair frame for wear and tear. The frame is made of sustainable beech, which is a long lasting hardwood, but it is not as hardy as tropical hardwoods like teak.
  • Regularly check the deck chair fabric for wear and tear. If the fabric is looking worn you can replace it. Please call if you would like us to supply you with new fabric and nails.
  • Keep the deck chair under cover when it is not being used. Deckchairs can be left out for the odd night, but as the fabric and frame are both natural they will deteriorate if left out for long periods. If properly looked after, a Hen and Hammock deckchair should last for many years.