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Festival Survival Guide

UK Music Festival
Festival Rain Mac

Are you going to a music festival this year and not sure what to pack? Never fear, Hen and Hammock have got it covered. Just follow our festival survival guide and you'll be fine.

Must haves:

Tickets: Not just your festival tickets but your bus / tram / train tickets, too. Book travel tickets in advance, so they can arrive in time. Keep them safe as you’ll need them for the return journey.

Directions / Maps: if you’re driving, know which roads to take, even if that just means typing it into your sat nav. Those using public transport plan your route , make sure you know the correct stations and where to go when you arrive.

ID: Some UK summer festivals won’t let you in if your ID doesn’t match the name on the ticket! So make sure you have your driving license or other form of ID with you.

Cash & Cards: Festival cash machines tend to charge you for use and also have long queues, Get cash out before you go to save time and money. Make sure to keep safe in a few different bags and pockets to prevent any cash flow disaster.

Keys: It’s particularly unpleasant to get home from a festival and find yourself locked out. Leave a spare pair with your neighbour to cover all eventualties.

What to wear

Waterproofs: A must for UK summer festivals as you never know when it is going to pour down

Wellies: To prevent ruination of any shoes or trainers, wellies are a must. They can be bought on site, but tend to go very quickly. Save yourself the bother and time of hunting around for a pair all day and bring your own.

Sunnies: Outdoor stages can often be in front of the sun, so for your viewing pleasure and eyeball health don’t forget the dark glasses.

Headgear: A panama hat will provide shade on those sunny afternoons.

Spare Clothes & Shoes: Take clothes for each day of the festival, enough for changing after muddy mishaps and clean pairs of everything for the trip home.

ladies panama hat
Green wellie boots

What to pack

Tent: Make sure you know how to put it up and that you’ve got all the right pegs and pieces before leaving. Many festivals now offer glamping if you want to add some luxury to your festival camping experience.

Sleeping Bag / Pillow / Roll Mat: Sleeping on the hard ground is not particularly comfortable, having a mat and pillow to go with that sleeping bag helps save waking up in agony.

Cutlery: the spork makes for light packing and easy eating. Add some plates and knives and no longer will you have scoop beans out of the can with a sausage.

Laundry bag: A bag to chuck all your dirty clothes in is very useful. Try dry out any damp clothes first otherwise they will stink out your tent.

Blanket: To throw on the ground in front of your tent, perfect for sunbathing, picnics or taking an afternoon nap.

Camera: Make sure you’ve got a case and strap for it, as they’re easy to drop and lose in crowded environments. Also make you have got plenty of space on your camera, take an extra memory stick or film if necessary.

Torch: Navigating back to your tent in the dark is no fun. It’s also useful for fiddling about in your tent at night for a drink of water or to find your pillow

Phone: Fully charged. It’s likely to run out if you use it a lot, so try and stick to texts and leave it switched off while you sleep to save those vital bars. If you have an old phone (especially an old Nokia which has the battery power of the Duracell bunny) take that instead of your new fancy Wndows phone.

Umbrella: It’s best for keeping rain off your morning barbecue or keeping dry as you wait in the food queues. Do not use it while watching bands, as it is hugely annoying to the people behind you.

Chargers / Batteries: Some festivals will have charging areas, but the queues get unbearable, so avoid them however you can.

Bin Liners: You’ll make tons of mess while you’re at the tent, so a bin liner or two for rubbish is really useful.

Lighter / Matches: Getting your stove or barbecues lit, or even joining in the nightly vigils with the rest of the crowd.

Gaffa Tape: The quickest and best way to patch up any holes in your tent.

Flag/Bunting: Tents are easy to lose and after awhile they all start looking the same. A big flag to stick in the ground by your base or some bunting strewn across your tent is perfect for finding your way back in both day and night.

Drinks: Remember that glass bottles aren’t allowed at a lot of festivals and will be confiscated at the entrance. So transfer anything you have into steel water bottles.

Cooking Equipment – There’s nothing like a summer festival BBQ. If you’re going to be cooking everyday, perhaps a small stove, a pan, a kettle, a mug and some gas

wooden spork
Illustrated stainless steel water bottles

Keeping clean

Toothbrush & Toothpaste – enough said – there is nothing worse than furry teeth – except sleeping in a tent with someone who hasn’t brushed their teeth in days.

Deodorant / Anti-persperant – Travel-sized sprays do the trick nicely.

Hair Brush / Comb – For some quick maintenance and any detangling emergencies.

Towel & Cloth

Soap / Shampoo / Conditioner

Tissues & Wet Wipes – Toilet roll often runs out, so it’s good to have your own back ups. Wet wipes help you to easily freshen up on the move.

Keeping safe

Prescription Medicine – Whether it’s insulin or inhalers, make sure you have everything you need for the duration

First Aid Kit – Plasters, bandages, sterile wipes and the like are always handy. Especially if you’ve got youngsters with you who are rolling about all over the place.

Sun Lotion –Since you’re spending all day in the sun, keep the bottle on you, so you can top up as the day goes on.