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Make Your Own Garden Trug

Wooden garden trug illustration

Every garden needs at least one garden trug. And they’re not difficult to make. All you need is some slats of wood and a couple of hours.

This is one of those projects which can produce a very satisfying end product for a couple of hours work. Alternatively if you don’t have the time you could buy a traditional garden trug . Both make wonderful gifts for gardeners.

If the trug is going to spend most of its life outside, hardwood should be used. But you’ve got the right sized wood available in softwood, that should still last a long time - just try to remember to bring it in.

The bottom slats should be quite thin, approx 10mm, and the handle supports and trug sides slightly thicker at around 15mm thickness. The length and number of slats will depend on how large you want the trug to be. The one shown has 13 slats of 250mm length.

Use whatever size dowel you can lay your hands on for the handle, as long as you have a drill bit of the same size. The chunkier the handle is the better. Cut out one side first and then draw round it on the second piece to ensure both sides will end up the same shape.

The slats are best screwed into the sides, after drilling small pilot holes. Spacing them evenly is important, so you may want to use a ruler or piece of card as a spacer.