How to Hang a Hammock

At Hen & Hammock we aim to make hammocks easy to use.

Two Trees

The most traditional way to hang a hammock is between two trees! All you need to do is:

  1. Measure the distance between the trees to make sure they are the minimum distance required. For a Double hammock it’s 310cm, a Kingsize 360cm, and  Bar hammock 400cm.
  2. The easiest way to suspend the hammock is using our versatile Universal Fixing Kit.  It has everything you need: rope, hooks and wall/post fixings. Our video below shows how to hang your hammock, but here’s some simple instructions to help.Tie a general purpose knot to one end of each rope (we use a generous palomar knot, the angler’s favourite!). Tie a rope around the first tree trunk. Take the free end of the rope and thread through the hook; then loop through the hammock, and hang the rope on the hook. Adjust rope to desired length. Repeat the exercise for the second rope.

No Trees? No Problem!

Wall or Post

Thanks to our Universal Fixing Kit, hanging your hammock from a wall or a post has never been easier. The kit comes with a fixing that may be drilled into a wall or post.

Hammock Stand

You may wish to suspend your new hammock on one of our wonderfully sturdy hammock stands. With all the fixings included, our stands are the easiest way to hang your hammock.

Hammock Tips and Tricks

For ultimate comfort and relaxation, hammocks should be hung with a little sag: think a firm banana-shape.

The easy way to get into a hammock is to sit slowly into it, take a moment to centre yourself, and then swing your legs in so that you are sat diagonally.

The most common way people use a hammock is lie from end to end. The most comfortable and traditional way, however, is to lie diagonally.

When you are in your hammock, it should sit roughly between 20-40cm above the ground, whatever you find to be most comfortable.

Classic hammocks should be hung with some sag and will stretch a little with use, therefore will occasionally need to be tightened.

The suspension cords must be kept as straight as possible.