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How to Space Your Veg

seed rule for spacing seeds

Deciding how much space to give your veg depends on what your priorities are. For me, how my vegetable garden looks is just as important as how much it yields, so I’m inclined to push things together more. That being said, trying to pack too much into too little space is counter productive.

The best garden spacing guide I know is American so needs a bit of interpretation, but it is nevertheless well presented and comprehensive. For a simpler guide you could look at our Seed Sowing Tips.

Alternatively you can use a seed and plant spacing ruler, which has most of the main vegetable types spaced on the ruler. It also has holes at inch intervals which makes seed spacing easy.wigwam.

My tips for the optimum spacing are:wigwam.

  • Stagger the spacing so that the seeds of alternate rows line up. This means you need less space between rows and it is visually more pleasing.
  • Sow more than one seed at each spot, but have the courage to remove all except the strongest seedling once they germinate. If you can keep the roots intact they can be replanted elsewhere (if you water them for 3 days afterwards). If not most seedling are delicious in salads.
  • If you have any seeds left, sow a few as spares to fill any gaps where seeds haven’t germinated or where a pigeon has had its breakfast.
  • Not all potatoes are born equal. Maincrop need more space than earlies.
  • Most vegetables grow best in rows. The exception is sweetcorn which grows best in blocks.
  • If space is at a premium grow up. Climbing french beans will give you a higher yeild than dwarf french beans and look lovely scaling bean string.