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Make Your Own Garden Furniture

illustration of a wooden garden stool

If you are going to enjoy your garden you need comfortable seating. But this doesn’t have to be something you buy. Why not make your own? A dead elm and you’re half way there!

Some people say that keen gardeners don’t need comfortable seating as they never sit down. I don’t buy that myself. What do your friends sit on?

Our deckchairs are beautiful and our double hammocks are a wonderful way to relax. But if you want something a bit more rustic, particularly for kids, then logs are a good start.

If you live in the country then tree stumps are plentiful. Where we live in Oxfordshire there are always dead elms in the hedgerows and from time to time these need clearing and replanting. If you don’t have access to dead elms, then a saw mill is your best bet. They may well have off-cuts they are happy to get rid of, but avoid anything too resinous.

If the seats are to be for kids, the logs should be cut into 100 - 80cm lengths which will allow at least 20cm to be set into the ground. Logs of 30 – 40cm diameter are ideal.

The shape and style of seat depends on the saw you are using and your level of skill. I used a chainsaw, making two simple cuts. The first across the seat and the second down the back. Before cutting the log must be secure so that it doesn’t kick when being cut.

I tend not to treat wood as I dislike the use of chemicals. And most wood will last 5 years outside if untreated, by which time your children will have outgrown the seat anyway.