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Make Your Own Hammock

illustration of a man lying in a hammock

Like so many things, hammocks are easier to make than you think. And it gives you something to do with you old curtains!

As long as you have the right bits, hammocks are simple to make, . All you need is:

  • A large curtain or sheet which is strong enough to hold your weight. It should be between 1m and 1.5m wide and a good 50cm longer than the tallest person likely to use it. A breathable soft material like cotton or canvas is best.
  • 2 lengths of rope strong enough to support your weight. The rope should be in good condition and at least 1cm diameter. The length will depend on what you want to tie the hammock to, but it is likely you will need each length to be at least 2m
  • 2 supports. These could be trees, which should be at least 30cm diameter, or posts concreted into the ground.
  • About 10 minutes

The first step is to tie an overhand knot at each end of the fabric or hammock. This is also known as a half hitch knot and will make a ball of fabric for the rope to attach to.

The next step is to fold a length of rope in half and then to tie an overhand knot in the doubled up rope. You should then have a loop, a bit like a lasso.

Wrap the loop around the tree trunk or pole and tuck one end of the loop through the other end leaving one loop hanging off the tree. You may need to jiggle it so that the knot is not in the way.

And now you need to attach the hammock to the tree. To do this you need to create a larks head in the loop of rope hanging off the tree. Push one end of the hammock through the larks head loop and pull to tighten. The knotted fabric should now be between the tree and the tightened larks head.

Tie the other end of the hammock to the other tree in a similar way, ensuring the hammock will be clear of the ground when you’re in it, but not so high that you will hurt yourself if you fall out.