Established in Oxfordshire in 2006, the origin of Hen & Hammock involved a particularly stubborn hen that would only lay eggs in, yes you guessed it, a hammock!

Why hammocks? Hammocks are our passion and we believe hammocks are a must-have accessory to any house, outside or inside! They are comfortable, relaxing, fun and a brilliant way to reconnect with nature. We think everyone should own one. That’s why at Hen & Hammock we have a simple goal: to sell exceptionally high-quality hammocks that are easy to hang and easy to use.

The first hammock we introduced was a simple but beautiful white tassel hammock, made from organic cotton. Quickly becoming our bestseller, the success of this classic hammock helped us grow and expand our range, while remaining a Hen & Hammock staple.

In 2017, Hen & Hammock was acquired by the wonderful Burford Garden Company. This meant that for the first time we were fortunate enough to have our hammocks out on display and customers can browse and ‘try before they buy’. We would love you to come and visit us.

The future is bright at Hen & Hammock. With the launch of a new website, we are also adding some next-generation hammocks that are crafted to be weatherproof and versatile, while still incredibly comfortable. Also, we are now stocking the Kajito, a breakthrough hammock/deck chair cross-over that’s a welcome change to normal garden furniture.

For the future, we are busy working on our new Den and Hammock range, with innovative den-making kits, portable tipis and natural bivvies, all in our signature style and respect for the environment.

We take quality very seriously and, when it comes to adding new products, we take our time, selecting materials carefully and rigorously testing everything, including all the new hammocks. That means a lot of hanging out for us, but someone has to do it!