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Delivery & Returns

Standard Delivery is 3-5 days.

The cutoff time for Next Working Day orders is 12pm Monday to Thursday.

Please note, next day delivery is only available to addresses in Mainland England and Wales.  Addresses in Scotland will take an additional 24 hours and next day delivery to Northern Ireland may incur a surcharge

Positioning a Bird Box

wooden bird box on a brick wall

Nest boxes are needed most where natural nesting holes are scarce and food is plentiful. This is true of most gardens, especially if you are providing extra bird food.

Your bird box should be positioned so that it is safe from predators (mainly cats) and the worst of the wind and the rain, but accessible enough so that you can enjoy the comings and goings of its inhabitants. The box should also be positioned so that it avoids the full blast of the mid day sun otherwise the chicks may over heat.

The height off the ground is not critical, so you can select a height to suit you and not the local cat. You should also bear in mind that an autumn clean is good.

Blue tits generally approach their nest site from a distance and fly straight into the nest hole so try to keep the flight path clear. This flying entry is amazing to watch and the reason why our boxes don’t have perches on the front. Blue tits won’t use perches to enter but some predators will!

The wooden boxes are designed to be attached to a tree or wall with screws or nails. If your tree is very precious and you would rather not nail into it, bicycle inner tubes make good straps and they will expand as the tree grows.

Birdballs are best hung using the wire provided, as shown in the diagram.

Other general birdbox information is available at our favourite bird charity the RSPB.