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Scarecrow Ideas

scarecrow made from hessian sacks
colourful scarecrow made from old coffee sacks

There is no guarantee that these scarecrow ideas will keep the pigeons from eating your cabbages, but you may get first prize at your scarecrow festival. And if you have any suggestions for improvements please let us know.

Here are some ideas and instructions on how to make a scarecrow for your vegetable garden or for a scarecrow festival. If you want a short cut, then you can buy a scarecrow kit from us which has full illustrated instructions, but if you would rather make do with the bits and pieces you already have then here are some tips. There are two popular approaches to making a scarecrow. One is the Guy Fawkes approach – old clothes stuffed with newspaper. Quick and easy but it will struggle to last one season and the clothes are invariably too large. The better approach is to cut and sew hessian sacks – longer lasting and much prettier. See our video of how to make a scarecrow.

You will need two hessian sacks, a broom handle, a bamboo cane and a few accessories (needle, string, marker pen, hat, scarf, and milk carton). If you want a more exotic scarecrow you could use natural coffee bean sacks which have the country of origin stamped on them.

One of the hessian sacks can be used for the trousers, with the open end for the waist. Cut and sew the inside legs, leaving a small hole in the crutch for the pole. Stuff with straw and inset the pole. Cut open the ends of the trouser legs when the scarecrow is in position.

For the top half, lay the sack sideways and cut out two squares under the arms. These squares can be used to make the head and a hat. Sew the seams of what’s left to make a shirt, leaving an opening for the neck, then tack it onto the trousers. Slide the bamboo cane through the arms and the broom handle out through the neck to make a cross. Tie the two together to prevent the bamboo from slipping down and stuff with straw.

Use an upturned plastic milk carton as the mould for the head. Pack a little straw or paper around it and then cover with the spare square of hessian, keeping the neck free for the broom handle. Get the youngest member of your family to draw the face and place it onto the top of the broom handle. Bash the pole into the ground with a large hammer, attach an old hat and scarf and stand back to admire your work! For more ideas on different scarecrow designs and how be creative with your sacks and sewing, please take a look at our scarecrow photo gallery. If you make a scarecrow, please send us a photo and we will add it to the gallery.