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Staff Picks

Hen and Hammock Staff Picks - Garden Trug

At Hen and Hammock there are products that have a special place in our hearts. Here are just a few of those products.


All gardeners need to lug stuff around; weeds need collecting, dead plants need composting and vegetables need harvesting. This is why the garden trug made from recycled tyres is my favourite Hen and Hammock product.

It is good for all these essential tasks, plus it has two other key benefits. You can leave it outside without fear of it rotting and it doesn’t retain water so will not present you with a muddy soup of soggy weeds next time you fancy doing some weeding. The last thing you want is to be put off weeding!

Hen and Hammock Staff Picks - Picnic Blanket


The picnic blanket blanket has been a great success for us in our house. Not only do we use them on picnics, but we use them in many other ways as well. They are just so versatile. The children huddle under them or wrap themselves up in them when they are feeling cold as we live in a very draughty Victorian house and in the winter months they are essential.

I also have one in our car at all times, just in case we might need one, especially as we nearly got stuck in a snow drift a couple of winters ago!

Hen and Hammock Staff Picks - Vegetable Brush


When asked to write about my favourite Hen and Hammock product, I carefully considered the many really pretty products we sell, from picnic blankets and throws to the unusual and beautiful chapatti boards, but being a practical sort who likes cooking finally decided on what I consider to be one of the most useful items we stock. The humble vegetable brush!

I use it a lot in the kitchen as it is very good at cleaning soil from my home grown vegetables, particularly Pink Fir Apple or Anya potatoes (which can be knobbly), carrots or parsnips and means I don't have to waste half the vegetable I am preparing as I don't have to peel it. I have read that many root vegetables contain most of their vitamin content in the skin or surface layer, which peeling removes, so using the veg brush I benefit from less waste and more vitamins.

Everyone I know likes baked potatoes, using the veg brush removes all the grit from around the eyes of the potatoes as it can get into every nook and cranny. The vegetable brush is so useful there are few days in the year it is not put to very good use in my kitchen. Definitely my favourite product and a truly useful one too.

Hen and Hammock Staff Picks - Toasting Fork


I love my toasting fork, it looks so attractive at the fireplace all year round. I use it during the winter for crumpets which are delicious and then in the summer toasting marshmallows over my firebowl. Both are great fun.

My little bit of luxury in the shower is my heart soap. I love how soft it makes my skin feel, and the fact that brides use it making me feel special every morning to start the new day.

Hen and Hammock Staff Picks - Hand Knitted Hot Water Bottel


My favorite product is my hand knitted hot water bottle, many a night it has kept my toes warm. It is really nice to cuddle with its soft alapca cover. I really like that the fact that the opening is quite wide as I have manged to burn myself more than once with hot water bottles that have tiny openings.

The tote bag is another favorite. I have been using it as a laundry bag, it easily hides all my dirty laundry in a very stylish manner and is easy to carry outside to hang the washing up.