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How to make a Topiary Hen

illustration of a topiary hen

Topiary does not need to be confined to stately homes and Chelsea show gardens. A couple of coat hangers and some patience and you’re nearly there.

The shape of your topiary is limited only by your imagination. Anything that you can make a wire frame of can become a sculptured hedge.

If you don’t trust your ability to make a recognisable object, you can bend wire over a real object. Children’s toys or even children themselves can be used. I read once of a man who made wire molds of his children so that he could have them permanently racing across his lawn!

Our suggested topiary sculpture is a cockerel, based on our very handsome maran cockerel, Cokie. If you print out and enlarge this picture it will make a good template. Depending on the size, you will need at least 2 coat hangers for the main frame and some chicken wire to cover the frame.

The frame should have a spike of wire at its base which can be stuck into the ground or plant pot. If you are in a hurry you can plant a couple of small leaved ivies. If you are more patient, a box hedge plant can be grown up the centre of the cockerel. The ivy will look good in a season. The box will take at least two seasons but the smaller leaves of the box will allow finer clipping and therefore more detail. Well worth the wait.

The garden accessory you will need then is a pair of garden shears. Don't be afraid to cut back hard.

Topiary can look wonderful on a lawn or on the edge of a patio. Why not grow two, either side of your hammocks?